Toolmex's Elektrimax Premium Efficiency General Purpose motors offer increased energy savings

Toolmex Corporation unveils its latest motor offering, Elektrimax Premium Efficiency General Purpose motors. Designed to meet the NEMA Premium Efficiency requirements as outlined in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the line of motors offers increased energy savings coupled with versatility, quality and performance.

Available from 1-250 HP, Premium GP motors also include premium-grade features built in as standard to extend the motor's life and performance. Oversized bearings on both motor drive ends boost what is traditionally accepted as the weakest point of any motor, while the motor's rigid cast iron construction, including oversized junction box, offers additional space for connection and security against cracks.

All motors utilize vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) to keep electrical components cool and protected, thereby increasing the electrical performance of Toolmex Premium GP motors. The VPI process used on Elektrimax Premium GP motors improves heat dissipation and protects against wire to wire vibration damage during inverter applications.

Elektrimax Premium GP motors also feature an epoxy coating to repel rust and chipping, which prevents corrosion and wear better than the standard enamel.

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