Casella's CEL-320 dosimeter can be used as a personal noise dosimeter or as a hand-held sound level meter

To make workplace noise measurement straight forward, accurate and affordable, Casella unveils its CEL-320 noise dosimeter. By default, this instrument starts with the most commonly deployed OSHA measurement setup with all the correct parameters selected. The operator only needs to switch the meter on, perform an acoustic field calibration and start the run — the CEL-320 takes care of everything else. A choice of microphones allows the instrument to be used as a conventional personal noise dosimeter or as a small hand-held sound level meter. Total set-up time is typically less than five minutes.

The CEL-320 covers three measurement ranges from 30 to 140 dB to ANSI type 2 specifications. Choose from A or C frequency weightings and slow, fast or impulse time weightings. Select Q as 4, 5 or 6 for dose measurements. Overall results for the maximum, minimum and average noise levels are saved together with the ability to set two threshold cutoff levels and a single criterion level for all noise dose calculations.

CEL-320 dosimeters are available in single kits that include an acoustic calibrator for on-site verification of the meter, a small foam windscreen to protect the microphone when used outdoors, setup and download Windows software, and a cable, all housed in a rugged case.

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