Quincy Compressor's QGV family of variable speed drive air compressors lower energy consumption and overhead

Quincy Compressor announced the release of its QGV family of variable speed drive air compressors, which operates efficiently to reduce energy costs. The QGV line is a complete family of variable speed compressors, with models from 20 to 200 horsepower.  These products allow customers to lower the energy consumption associated with producing compressed air, thereby lowering operating overhead and carbon footprint. The QGV line is capable of operating continuously at full speed, if required.

The Quincy QGV, available from 20-200 horsepower, can function as a base-load machine, providing fully rated capacity, or as a trim machine. In the trim position, the QGV only supplies the air required by the system while maintaining the target pressure within ±2 psi. The QGV can supply as little as 15% of full-load capacity, providing energy savings over start/stop or modulating compressors.

Other features include:

  • Sound levels as low as 68 dB(A)
  • Full-color touch screen control
  • Real-time monitoring with performance trending
  • Efficient operation to lower a customer’s carbon footprint
  • Typically saves 35% energy versus traditional air compressors
  • 75 to 150 PSIG operation
  • Integrated networking feature allows for automatic sequencing with applicable models
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