Electro-Chemical Devices' CDA-22 plumb-and-play chlorine dioxide analyzer simplifies water monitoring and treatment

Electro-Chemical Devices Inc. introduces the CDA-22 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer, which features a panel-mounted plumb-and-play design and automatic flow control in a low-maintenance complete measurement system. The CDA-22 is designed to measure chlorine dioxide in concentrations ranging from 0.05-20 ppm CIO2.

Easy to install and maintain, the CDA-22 incorporates a CIO2 sensor, automated flow control device and analyzer/controller mounted on a PVC panel. Installation is complete after connecting the sample and drain lines, power and outputs. The low-maintenance CDA-22 can run for up to one year between electrolyte/membrane changes. Calibration of the CDA-22 is accomplished with DPD comparison.

The CDA-22 is built with a polarographic gold/silver PTFE membrane amperometric CIO2 sensor. While these types of sensors are flow sensitive, the CDA-22’s output is virtually flow independent at values greater than 0.5 ft/sec.  The CDA-22’s “constant head” flow control device maintains the sensor’s optimum flow over a wide range of incoming sample flow rates, from 10-80 gal/hr.

The CDA-22’s sensor operates at a wide temperature range of 0 to 100ºC (32 to 212ºF). Because temperature affects the CIO2 permeability of the PTFE membrane, increasing the temperature increases the output of the sensor about 4% per ºC. The chlorine flow cell includes a temperature sensor that allows the C22 analyzer to perform automatic temperature compensation of the measurement.

The CDA-22 requires no expensive reagents and eliminates pressure regulators and rotometers. It features a 2.5-x1.75-inch backlit LCD display, with four lines for text and graphics. The CDA-22 offers dual measurements, an XY graphical plot and an optional PID Control Output. The analyzer provides a 4-20 mA output proportional to the Chlorine Dioxide measured and two alarm relays SPDT 230 VAC/5A or 30 VDC/5A resistive max. It features the options to include additional 4-20 mA outputs for pH or temperature and up to six additional relays.

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