UE Systems' Ultraprobe 3,000 ultrasonic detection system demonstrates cost and carbon footprint reduction

The Ultraprobe 3,000 ultrasonic detection system helps cut energy waste and reduce a plant’s carbon footprint. The 3000 has been labeled a “green” instrument for its ability to accurately detect energy waste. Understanding the continued emphasis by plant managers for energy efficient plant operations, UE Systems designed the 3000 to impact energy conservation by locating compressed air and steam trap leaks, as well as faulty steam traps, which can lead to millions of dollars in energy waste.

Using UE Systems data management software (DMS), plant technicians can download data from a leak survey, and in real-time, generate reports that demonstrate loss and existing carbon footprint, as well as cost reduction and energy savings.

This digital instrument is fully equipped with a wide, dynamic sensitivity range and UE Systems' “spin and click” sensitivity/feature control dial. It displays intensity values in decibels along with a 16-segment bar graph display panel to provide a visual indication of sound levels. Other features include storage location, storage location number, battery level indication and 400 memory locations to hold all of the operator’s test data.

Optional accessories including a long range module to locate leaks at a distance, such as in ceilings, a holster set and a magnetically mounted transducer can be added to the basic kit.

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