Stanley Proto's Dial Electronic Torque Wrench features an electronic interface keypad for ease of use

Stanley Proto is expanding its lineup of Dial Electronic Wrenches with seven SKU’s. Users now have a total of nine sizes to choose from, with torque ranges from 7.5 in-lbs. to 2000 ft-lbs. 

The Stanley Proto Dial Electronic Torque Wrench design includes a durable chrome body (not painted) and a sturdy rotary bezel. The electronic interface keypad is designed for ease of use and offers a number of advantages to users. Some key features include:

  • Torsional strain gauge technology improves accuracy to ±1% in both directions (compared to 4% CW and 6% CCW on mechanical models).
  • Accuracy is valid from 10% to 100% of full scale (versus 20-100% for mechanical wrenches).
  • A fast sampling rate ensures the wrench will measure peak torque the moment it’s reached. Torque measurements can be read in in-lb., ft-lbs. or N-m by pressing a button.
  • Track and Peak Hold modes are standard on all models. (In Track Mode the wrench displays real-time torque; in Peak mode it holds the highest measured torque until released.)
  • A green light and a buzzer indicate when the target torque has been reached; a red light and an intermittent buzzer warn when the fastener has been over-torqued.
  • The bezel rotates up to 359°, so the user can easily view the readout from any direction. The bezel is shrouded with metal walls to protect the display.
  • The torsional strain gauge technology produces accurate torque readings regardless of where the load is applied on the handle.
The wrenches are ergonomically designed for user comfort and operate on standard nine-volt batteries. They are manufactured to meet or exceed ASME B107.28.


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