Process Pigging Systems has expanded its line of bi-directional pigs for pipeline cleaning

Process Pigging Systems has added several sizes of bi-directional pigs for the cleaning of sanitary tube process pipelines. Constructed of FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone, these durable pigs can be used with pipelines of 1-, 1 ½-, two-, three-, four- and three-inch schedule 10 pipe. They achieve product recovery rates of 99%, and being flexible, can negotiate 90°, 1.5-diameter elbows. They can be steam cleaned to over 120º C between batches without degradation.

The bi-directional pigs can be supplied separately or as part of a pigging system, which allows the injection of the pig into an encapsulated sanitary system to recover product or remove cleaning fluids from the pipeline between batches. Pigs are propelled through the pipeline by compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water or the next material to be used in production. This form of pigging commonly provides product recovery of 99%, allows faster product change-overs, reduces water consumption by up to 50% and allows companies to reduce their CIP chemical consumption by up to 30%.

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