Esco Tool's Prepzilla Millhog welding end prep tool bevels and squares pipe in one step

Esco Tool's I.D. clamping end prep tool sets up quickly for the construction and repair of piping systems.

Esco’s Prepzilla Millhog pipe milling end prep tool features I.D. clamping and uses one mandrel and eight sets of clamps to fit pipe from 1-1/2 inches I.D. to 8-5/8 inches O.D. Capable of beveling (any angle) and squaring the pipe ends in one operation, this tool requires no special operator training and cuts hard-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and P-91 without fluids.

Equipped with a direct-drive 2 HP air motor, supported by dual opposed tapered roller bearings, Esco’s Prepzilla Millhog generates 1,500 ft.-lbs. of torque at the cutting blade, which pulls a thick chip and transfers heat away from the cutting surface to prevent work hardening and help prolong blade life. An optional cross-feed attachment can sever the HAZ section. 

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