Ashcroft's A2X and A4 pressure transmitters are designed for hazardous environments

To accurately monitor pressure in hazardous locations, Ashcroft Inc. offers Type A2X (explosion-proof) and Type A4 (intrinsically safe) pressure transmitters. The A2X explosion-proof version provides a cUL- and ATEX-listed enclosure, while the intrinsically safe A4 is CSA and FM approved for both Class 1, Div.1 and Class 1, Div. 2 (non-incendive) applications. The A2X and A4 also carry the CE mark for EMI/RFI immunity and are CRN registered.

At approximately one inch in diameter and less than five inches long, these safe pressure transmitters are available in ranges from 0/5 through 0/10,000 psi, and are delivered in accuracies of  0.5% and ±0.25% of full span. Resulting measurement data is communicated through a choice of six different analog voltage or current outputs.

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