Stafford's corrosion-resistant collars and couplings can be exposed to water, harsh chemicals, solvents and detergents

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. introduces a line of shaft collars and couplings for pump drive and structural systems in water treatment, pollution control and similar facilities.

Stafford corrosion-resistant collars and couplings are offered in 303 and 316 stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other materials for various power transmission and structural system requirements.

Developed for water treatment, pollution control, pulp and paper, chemical plants and related facilities, Stafford corrosion-resistant collars come in one-piece, two-piece and set-screw styles in sizes up to 16 inches I.D., and the couplings in ne-piece, two-piece and three-piece styles up to six inches I.D. All can be modified with special bores, keyways, mounting holes, flats, hinges, threads and more.

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