Honeywell's ST 3000 transmitter line includes on-board diagnostics that require no configuration

Honeywell's smart pressure transmitters include a software upgrade that allows industrial facilities to take a more proactive approach to maintenance. The ST 3000 transmitter line now features enhanced on-board diagnostics that simplify maintenance by automatically telling plant personnel how the devices are functioning.

The software upgrade includes diagnostics, which require no configuration, for both Foundation Fieldbus and HART 5 and 6 users. The standard HART 6 diagnostics include time-tracking functions — such as install date, calibration date, time-in-service and stress monitoring — and point value, meter body temperature and general reading functions. These functions allow plant personnel to diagnose problems from remote locations, be more aware of potential issues with individual transmitters, view a device’s history even after it has been removed from the process and conduct root-cause analysis.

All diagnostics automatically run when the transmitter is powered, and the information can be fed directly into the plant’s distributed control system (DCS) and asset management solutions. The data also can be reviewed via handheld device. Additionally, the information remains in the transmitter for use in troubleshooting activities, which means maintenance and reliability engineers no longer need to look for strip chart and historian data to begin failure review processes.

The ST 3000 series includes absolute-pressure, differential-pressure, gauge-pressure, flange-mount, high-temperature gauge and in-line gauge pressure transmitters. Each provides pressure, level and flow measurement for applications ranging from hydrostatic tank gauging to measurement in boilers, fuel feeds and high-pressure reaction vessels.

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