Flexaust's Springflex Artic Duct U insulated blower hose delivers hot and cold air

Flexaust introduces a lightweight, insulated blower hose that is designed for delivering hot and cold air, is compressible for easy storage, and comes in a range of sizes.

Flexaust Springflex Artic Duct U features two single-ply, neoprene-coated polyester fabric plies protecting an insulation barrier that is reinforced with a spring steel wire helix and an external PVC-coated wear strip. Made from flame-retardant materials, it has an R4 insulation factor, operates over -40°F to 250°F, and is compressible for convenient storage.

Supplied with standard sewn cuffs on each end or optional end finishes to match application requirements, Flexaust Springflex Artic Duct U comes in standard sizes from four to 20 inches I.D. and custom up to 48 inches I.D. The standard color for this rugged blower hose is yellow with a black wear strip; custom colors are optional.

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