Schneider Electric's PlantStruxure architecture is engineered for process management that optimizes energy usage

Schneider Electric has unveiled its PlantStruxure architecture, a collaborative system that allows industrial and infrastructure companies to meet their automation needs and deliver on growing energy management requirements. The system offers flexible, scalable and collaborative architectures that are the building blocks for manufacturing and process within Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure energy management architecture portfolio. EcoStruxure allows organizations to improve energy efficiencies across multiple domains of business, including process automation. PlantStruxure integrates both hardware and software components throughout the plant, delivering a complete process management solution that allows companies to optimize their energy usage and drive maximum efficiency within their operations while also improving productivity.

PlantStruxure allows collaboration between plant and operation managers, as well as engineering and maintenance teams, through its software suite, which is  combined with hardware and open Ethernet-based technologies. PlantStruxure enables high process availability, and offers redundancy and functional safety at each level of the architecture. Through architectures based on EcoStruxure’s intelligent energy management solutions, organizations that use PlantStruxure benefit from reduced project development, operation and production costs, while gaining real-time visibility of business performance, improved compliance and ROI.

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