Azima DLI's Watchman Reliability Service Plans ensure equipment reliability and uptime results

Azima DLI has announced a series of simplified, prepackaged programs to ensure equipment reliability and uptime results. Azima DLI has stripped away the complexity of traditional á la carte maintenance programs and introduced bundled solutions that are tailored to address specific requirements for lean and reliable plant operations.

Many plants are challenged to retain the expert analysis resources necessary to keep their condition monitoring programs running smoothly, or simply don’t know how to initiate a fresh start for a previously well-run program. Watchman Reliability Service Plans were developed to help plants quickly address these challenges. There are three all-inclusive Watchman Reliability Service Plans to choose from, each featuring an evaluation of the plant environment and a risk profile, along with a clearly-defined set of solutions and deliverables to meet specific uptime, compliance and cost-avoidance objectives.

Each solution includes primary technologies such as vibration analysis, lube oil analysis and infrared thermography, as well as transparency of portal delivery, analysis support and a range of optional services to ensure a complete condition monitoring solution. Azima DLI’s flexible, scalable offerings don’t require up-front costs and are offered on a subscription basis:

  • Watchman Professional — Built for plants or enterprises with 250 or more machine assets where unplanned outages cannot be tolerated. Watchman Professional provides the procedures, processes, disciplines and qualified resources to achieve the highest standard in condition based maintenance.
  • Watchman Insight — Provides coverage for moderate-sized plants of 75 to 250 machine assets where unplanned outages are categorized as inconvenient and costly. Watchman Insight provides a solid foundation for a quality condition based maintenance program.
  • Watchman Select — Applied to smaller plants with 15-150 machine assets, the program is intended to meet compliance obligations and maintenance planning budgets. Watchman Select provides the essential elements of a growing condition-based maintenance program.
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