NLB's Saflex 3000 semi-automated water jet system has wireless remote controls

NLB has introduced the Saflex 3000, a semi-automated water jet system that cleans tube bundles more productively than manual methods and has wireless remote controls that let the operator stand clear of the action. The system cleans three tubes at once, on both the in and out strokes, and typically cleans 100 tubes in less than three hours, compared to 16 hours for manual water jetting.

The Saflex 3000 operates at pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar), simultaneously inserting three flexible lances into tubes with an X-Y positioning device. The flex lances can go around bends as needed, with adjustable stroke lengths to suit bundles of different lengths. With a simple hose change, the system can clean tubes ranging from four to 15 millimeters in diameter. No hose reel is needed.

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