Meggitt's Endevco model 6634C vibration amplifier is designed to condition and display rotating machinery data

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced Endevco model 6634C, a microprocessor-based vibration amplifier designed to condition and display rotating machinery data, and offer simultaneous outputs as broadband, acceleration, velocity and displacement.

The Endevco model 6634C is designed to accept inputs from a single-ended, differential piezoelectric or ISOTRON (IEPE-type) accelerometer, velocity coil or remote charge converter. Full-scale AC and DC output ranges, as well as sensitivity, are user programmable in selectable engineering units, representative of acceleration, velocity or displacement. Programming is accomplished from the front panel keyboard or optional RS-232 computer interface. Units also have an optional six-pole filter, which may be programmed from the front panel. Up to ten unique setups can be stored and recalled from the non-volatile memory, while two TTL-compatible latched alarm outputs provide both warning and alert functions. An optional 19-inch mounting rack can accommodate up to six units.

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