WinWare's CribMaster9 inventory management software is designed for custom configuration and easy navigation

WinWare Inc. announces the launch of CribMaster9. WinWare has used new programming methods to reconstruct the application, enabling the benefits of a modern interface to speed navigation through the system, true N-tier deployment capabilities to satisfy most IT requirements, and business object integration capabilities to enhance integration capabilities with other applications.

The CribMaster9 interface uses a ribbon methodology to provide improved navigation and functionality. CribMaster9 is designed for custom configuration and easy navigation, so custom view settings can be configured for individual users. The customized start page allows individual users to build custom reports on their dashboard, keeping their critical data in the forefront. The quick access toolbar means more ways to navigate using shortcuts.

In efforts to speed navigation and interaction with CribMaster9, WinWare has enabled In-Grid Editing and Data Validation. WinWare has also created drop-down menus for In-Grid Lookups. The ability to create and save custom views with true print screen capabilities makes analyzing data fast and easy.

CribMaster can be deployed in a true N-tier environment. The new connection methods give CribMaster9 the ability to connect to four different types of remote data portals (Web Services, WCF, .NET Remoting and Enterprise Services Hosting). Easier and more flexible integration methods are also available with CribMaster9. CribMaster9 is written using business objects, which allows for greater integration possibilities and supports REX files for integration.

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