Electro Static's AEGIS 841 SGR bearing isolator shaft grounding ring protects bearings from VFD-induced shaft currents

The AEGIS 841 SGR bearing isolator shaft grounding ring protects severe-duty motor bearings from harmful VFD-induced shaft currents with a shaft grounding ring and from contaminants with an IP56 non-contact seal. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard 841-2001 calls for protection against bearing damage by VFD-induced currents in addition to bearing seals. The AEGIS 841 SGR is well suited for IEEE 841 motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) in severe-duty processing applications.

Designed for long-term total bearing protection, the AEGIS 841 SGR combines a shaft grounding ring (in which conductive microfibers completely surround the motor shaft) and a non-contact IP56 bearing isolator that withstands dust and powerful jetting water (providing greater protection against contaminants than is required by IEEE Standard 841).

By diverting VFD-induced shaft currents, the ring protects bearings from electrical damage known as “bearing fluting” that can lead to noise and vibration, and result in motor failure. The AEGIS 841 SGR’s bearing isolator features an Anti-Clog slinger drain system to prevent dirt and debris from plugging up the drain and compromising performance.

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