Weldcraft's WP-26 handheld air-cooled torches are rated to 200 amps DC or 150 amps AC at 60% duty cycle

To improve durability and comfort on continuous, heavy-duty TIG welding applications, Weldcraft introduces its WP-26 family of handheld, air-cooled torches. The WP-26 family consists of five torch models, including flex-neck, valved and pencil-style versions. All WP-26 torches are rated to 200 amps DC or 150 amps AC at 60% duty cycle.

The WP-26 torches all feature air-cooling capabilities that eliminate the need and expense of water-cooled systems, along with heavy-duty copper construction that provides maximum conductivity and durability under demanding conditions. Models with an optional gas control valve on the handle (WP-26V and WP-26FV) allow welding operators to tune in the ideal gas flow for improved weld puddle coverage. Optional flex-neck models (WP-26F and WP-26FV) adjust to any angle, making them well suited for awkward positioning and difficult-to-access joints. A pencil-style torch (WP-26P) is also available for confined joints or for automated applications.

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