Donaldson's DF-C Cyclone Separator reduces differential pressure drop to lower energy consumption

Donaldson Company Inc. introduces the DF-C Cyclone Separator, which offers higher efficiencies than previous models at low pressure drop. Cyclone separators are used at the front end of the purification chain within compressed air systems. They are easy to operate, reliable and maintenance free. The DF-C series optimal flow-path design reduces differential pressure drop to lower energy consumption and expense.

The DF-C cyclone separator replaces the AG-Z aluminum cyclone separator line. The air flow generated by the centrifugal forces of the DF-C range leads to a more effective separation of liquid and solid contaminants from the compressed air than any cyclone separator before it. The water — in the form of droplet or splashing water due to condensation in the aftercooler — is reliably removed. This step of air treatment is not solely sufficient in generating high quality compressed air.

The DF-C operates with low differential pressure, which helps to lower the energy consumption of the entire compressed air system. The immersion-lacquered coating of the aluminum die cast housing interior contributes not only to an improved air flow, but also provides corrosion protection against aggressive condensates to extend the life of the cyclone separator.

Available in six sizes, the DF-C matches the current compressor capacities and connection sizes of the Donaldson compressed air filters, as well as typical refrigeration and adsorption dryers. The DF-C cyclone separator is also integrated in the current DF compressed air filter housing configuration.

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