FastPic Systems' FastPic5 software offers improved inventory tracking for part and supply storage and retrieval operations

FastPic5 software from FastPic Systems offers part and supply users inventory tracking features for real-time inventory control, traceability and picking accuracy.

The improved inventory tracking options allow managers to create detailed, real-time history reports. These reports provide a record of all inventory transactions with parameters such as user information, order number, material identification, date and type of transaction. For added inventory control, the software can handle item serial numbers, expiration dates, release dates and production dates. This traceability function documents which items have been removed from inventory and when retrieved for added control of critical or regulated items.

For improved picking accuracy, FastPic5 software can be configured to enforce barcode verification of key inventory data, such as item number, location and lot number. The software also allows for the location of items to be specifically designated or assigned as random to improve the accessibility and overall management of inventory.

FastPic5 software is designed to manage manual and automated storage and retrieval systems, and can be configured to manage single workstations and multiple work zones. The Standard Interface Protocol provides an efficient link between host order entry systems and FastPic5 software, as well as many WMS and ERP systems. Advanced cubing algorithms in the software allow users to maximize the use of both floor space and storage space.

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