Birchwood Casey's metal cleaners and surface conditioners prepare component surfaces for finishes

Metal component surface preparation prior to black oxide coating and other finishing processes is critical for high-quality results. To achieve uniform coating reactions and proper coating adhesion, Birchwood Casey offers a range of specialized metal cleaners and surface conditioners for different metals and finishing processes.

Machined and fabricated metal components often carry cutting oils, coolants or machining fines that coat the surface and tend to collect in threaded holes and recessed areas. Some parts also carry heat treat scale or light rust. These surface soils must be removed prior to any subsequent blackening or coating operations in order to achieve quality finishes.

To address these cleaning challenges, Birchwood Casey offers Presto Kleen HP heavy-duty powdered cleaner and Safe Scrub ST biodegradable liquid cleaner. Both are designed for medium- to heavy-duty soak tank cleaning of iron and steel parts. They mix easily with water and operate at temperatures of 120-180°F to lift oily residues from the metal surface and hold them in suspension. Their blend of detergents make them free-rinsing in cold water, giving them the ability to produce waterbreak-free surfaces that are receptive to subsequent coating operations. Also available is Safe ScrubÒ M for effective cleaning of light metals, such as aluminum, brass and zinc, without discoloring the metal.

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