Iconics' FacilityWorX open standards platform integrates building automation systems

Iconics introduces FacilityWorX, the open standards platform for integrating building automation systems.

Iconics FacilityWorX enables facility managers to intelligently reduce cost, increase security, improve alarm response time and achieve better energy efficiency. FacilityWorX provides an open standards software integration platform for existing building automation systems to achieve a complete operational view of an entire building or campus. Integrate lighting, elevator, boiler, chiller, fire, generator, access control and HVAC control systems into one easy-to-configure operational console. FacilityWorX communicates via BACnet, Modbus, JCI N1, SNMP, LonWorks and OPC with all major control systems.

FacilityWorX helps companies become "green" and reduce their overall carbon footprint through optimizations made to energy consumption. It can also assist companies in meeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards for the operation of green buildings.

FacilityWorX Key Features:

  • Intuitive Web-enabled interface
  • Native BACnet Support
  • Rich HVAC Symbol Library
  • Graphical interface for device and tree navigational view
  • Calendar based scheduling for planning
  • Campus-wide alarm management
  • Receive alerts via mobile devices or Web browsers
  • Charting, analysis and reporting tools
  • Robust data logging and archiving
  • Redundancy support for critical applications
  • Certified on latest hardware and software
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