Pepperl+Fuchs' Econo-Vue photoelectric sensors are available with universal supply voltage

Pepperl+Fuchs' Econo-Vue family of photoelectric sensors is now available in AC/DC versions, in addition to the existing DC types. The Econo-Vue’s universal supply voltage allows machine builders to stock a single sensor that can be used for AC or DC applications. Additionally, AC supply sensors could result in longer runs of interconnected sensors than is otherwise possible for DC types only. The Econo-Vue series is available in five sensing modes and over 100 models to suit varied application requirements.

Every Econo-Vue sensor includes a flush-mount bracket that allows for a simple, tool-less, unobtrusive means of mounting the sensor on a conveyor. Ball-and-swivel and half-clamp mounting brackets are also available to facilitate precise positioning of Econo-Vue sensors. The Econo-Vue series also delivers housing versatility with both straight optic and right-angle optic models. Straight optics are best suited when mounting the sensor through conveyor side-walls, and right-angle optics are best suited when mounting the sensor on top of conveyor side-walls.

Econo-Vue sensors are available in tamper-proof models that eliminate external adjustments and operate at maximum signal strength. This eliminates erroneous adjustments after the sensor is commissioned. Additionally, the status LED functionality is standardized, meaning that the sensor’s status LEDs do not just indicate it is powered and sees a target, but it also indicates if the signal strength is lower than it should be. Status LEDs are also highly visible and placed in dual positions — 180° apart on the housing — for increased visibility.

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