Sherborne Sensors' A200 Series gravity referenced linear servo accelerometers offer measurement resolution down to 0.05 mg

Sherborne Sensors has announced the launch of the A200 Series, a family of high-precision, gravity referenced linear servo accelerometers that offers measurement resolution down to 0.05 mg.

A200 series accelerometers are available in ranges from ±1g to ±20g, and are designed to reliably operate over a temperature range of -55°C to +95°C (-67°F to +203°F). The design of the A200 series incorporates a closed-loop balance torque mechanism, allowing sensors to reliably measure vector acceleration and operating as a complete servo measurement system. By adjusting servo amplifier parameters and related electronic networks, operating characteristics of the A200 series can be optimized to suit particular application requirements.

Incorporating the same torque mechanism and servo electronics, certain models within the A200 series (A260) also feature a switching regulator to enable direct operation from a single-ended DC power supply. Galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuits provides total electrical isolation between input supply and signal output. To meet certain measurement requirements, such as those found in aerospace applications, specific units feature an optional low-pass filter and 1g bias circuitry for vertical mounting.

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