Stanley Proto's stand-alone Torque Tester combines a transducer, a bracket and a meter in one tool

Testing and calibrating a torque wrench usually requires three separate tools: a transducer, a bracket and a meter. The Stanley Proto Torque Tester streamlines the process by combining all three functions in one tool. The tool can be used to test all types of torque wrenches in all types of settings where full-scale calibration is needed or where a quick pass/fail check is required. 

The testers offer the following:

  • Five SKUs that offer a test range of 5 in-lbs to 600 ft-lbs
  • Accuracy of ±1% of indicated value in clockwise and counter clockwise directions,\ over a range of 10% to 100% of full scale
  • Three units of measure: ft-lb, in-lb and Nm
  • Three operating modes: Track Mode, Peak Hold and First Peak (for use with click-style torque wrenches)
  • An LCD display with large digits
  • A dial display that rotates for easy viewing of the LCD display and easy access to the keypad
  • Rugged, all steel construction
  • A target torque zone that’s adjustable from 1% to 10% of targeted torque value for a quick pass/fail indication.
  • Red/green/yellow lights, as well as an audible buzzer, to signal when torque target zones are approaching and met.
  • A 50-hour run time on a standard nine-volt battery

Testers meet or exceed requirements set forth in ASME B107.29.

For users who need separate meters and transducers, Proto is also introducing five new transducers, increasing the total number of SKUs in its lineup to 16. When used with the Proto Torque Meter, the transducers are plug and play, with automatic transducer detection, easy setup and user-friendly operation. All bench mount transducer have an accuracy of ± 0.5% of indicated value. 

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