OCM's Turbo-Seal R Injection Waterproofing System repairs leaks in the horizontal surfaces of structures

Leaks in the horizontal surfaces of structures can be quickly and dependably repaired with OCM Inc.’s Turbo-Seal R Injection Waterproofing System.

The watertight integrity, flexibility, adhesiveness and self-healing characteristics of Turbo-Seal R make it well suited for repairing and restoring damaged waterproofing membrane systems.

Turbo-Seal is a flexible gel that bonds to any surface to create an impervious waterproofing membrane. Consisting of a highly elastomeric polymer rubber (comprised of over 25% post-consumer recycled content) infused with special adhesives, Turbo-Seal absorbs movement, minimizes damage and separation, and is resistant to wide temperature fluctuations.

Turbo-Seal R requires no mixing of chemicals. It is simply cold-applied by injecting through to the positive side of a horizontal substrate, either from drilling above the substrate (floor injection) or below the substrate (ceiling injection).

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