Blackmer's XLW Series of sliding vane pumps handles abrasive liquids found in paint and adhesive processing

Blackmer's XLW Series of sliding vane pumps has been designed to handle liquids with suspended particles up to 250 microns and 25% concentration.

XLW Series pumps are designed with hardened ductile iron materials, giving the pumps the capability of handing abrasive liquids. Available with O-rings, mechanical seals, relief valves, springs, vanes and rotors, the XLW pumps may be fitted to handle a variety of materials. Base-mounted unit assemblies with a helical gear reduction drive are available for all XLW models. XLW pumps are available in two- and three-inch port sizes, and are available in flanged ports with NPT, weld, ANSI and DIN options. The XLW Series pumps offer flow rates between 6 gpm and 85 gpm (23 to 320 lpm) with differential pressures to 150 psi (10.34 bar). The pumps provide improved self-priming and dry run capabilities, and include an adjustable relief valve that protects the pump against excessive pressures.

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