Process Pigging's pig detectors feature non-intrusive magnetic sensors and no mechanical parts

Pig detectors are now available from Process Pigging Systems. Featuring non-intrusive magnetic sensors and no mechanical parts, the pig detectors are well suited for a variety of pigging systems that utilize a magnetic field to locate the pig in the pipeline. When used with bi-directional PPS pigs, they detect the pigs at high speeds or when stationary. Highly visible indicators show green for power on, red for pig detected and amber when the output volt-free contacts are energized, providing at-a-glance status updates.

The pig detectors are powered by 12 – 24 Vdc, providing a 'pig detected' output via volt-free contacts that can be utilized in a number of ways, depending upon the application. Designed for use with industrial PLC systems, they include a configurable stretched output pulse to compensate for the PLC scan time lag. Internal range and span calibration are provided to maximize efficiency.

The detectors can be supplied separately or as part of a pigging system that allows for the injection of the pig into an encapsulated sanitary system to recover product or remove cleaning fluids from the pipeline between batches.

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