Casella's CEL-621 1/3 octave-band noise analyzer lets professionals take fast, accurate noise measurements

Casella has introduced the smallest 1/3 octave-band noise analyzer, the CEL-621. The CEL-621 is the latest addition to the Casella CEL-600 Series of digital sound level meters and the first to incorporate statistical (Ln%) values to perform short-term, environmental noise assessments. From simple baseline surveys to full 1/3 octave-band analysis, all measurements are performed through a simple, intuitive menu-driven system. The high-resolution display assists the user by presenting results in a simple, color-coded format that minimizes the risk of misinterpreting data collected in the field. On-board memory and USB download allow data to be included in reports without any special software.

The CEL-621 uses all-digital technology that can measure in one span up to 140dB, eliminating the need for range adjustment and any resulting errors. Digital technology also means that measurements are inherently stable and repeatable. The CEL-621 also has the ability to measure all broadband and octave measurement parameters simultaneously, so the user doesn't have to worry if the instrument has been set up properly — all parameters may be chosen retrospectively.

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