Dürr's Ecopure CTO regenerative thermal oxidizers are a cost-effective way to meet environmental regulations

The Environmental and Energy Systems division of Dürr Systems has expanded its product range to include a series of regenerative thermal oxidizers, the Ecopure CTO (Compact Thermal Oxidizer). The Ecopure CTO is suitable for industrial plants generating smaller exhaust air volumes and looking for cost-effective ways to meet environmental regulations. All system components are pre-assembled at the climate-controlled manufacturing location, assuring a high standard of manufacturing quality and fast installation at the customer’s facility.

The Ecopure CTO series has three different models: the 100 series, the 200 series and the 300 series.

Ecopure CTO series 100 is compact enough to be pulled out of a standard 20-foot ISO cargo container and installed at a facility in a few hours.

Ecopure CTO series 200 offers the benefits of high heat recovery and process application flexibility of regenerative thermal oxidization, designed in an economical two-bed package.

Ecopure CTO series 300 is the economical solution to achieving 99%+ destruction efficiency with the inclusion of a third heat exchange bed.

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