Stafford's Grip and Go shaft collar handle permits wrench-free adjustment

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. introduces a knurled handle that can convert virtually any shaft collar into a rapidly adjustable locating device without sacrificing holding power.

Stafford’s Grip and Go Handle is designed to replace a standard socket cap screw in a one-piece, two-piece and hinged shaft collar to permit wrench-free adjustment without sacrificing holding power. Featuring a knurled surface for simple hand-tightening, this handle is well suited for non-rotary application swhere there is a need for frequent repositioning along a shaft.

Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, Stafford’s Grip and Go Handle comes in sizes for replacing clamp screws ranging from 4-40 to 3/8-24 and metric from 3MX0.5 to 6MX1.0. A higher-torque style is also offered for added tightening leverage.

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