Hobart's IronMan 230 welder delivers a 30- to 250-amp output

Hobart Welding Products introduces the IronMan 230, a DC/CV, single-phase, MIG/FCAW welder that delivers a 30- to 250-amp output (60% at 175 amps). The IronMan 230 replaces Hobart’s IronMan 210 and 250, combining their features in a single unit suited for welding mild steel material ranging from 24 gauge to ½ inch. The welder can also be optimized for aluminum welding by connecting Hobart’s optional DP-3545-20 spool gun.

Additional features include two cable hangers mounted on the unit’s side to keep the power cord, MIG gun cable, work lead and welding hood organized and out of the way, and an on-board storage compartment for contact tips and nozzles. A built-in running gear/cylinder rack is standard equipment, allowing operators to move the unit around the shop or garage with ease.

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