Ideal Industries' Auto-Lock tape measure allows electricians to measure overhead bends

Bending electrical conduit for overhead installation can be frustrating. It requires frequent measuring to assure the correct bend length, a job made all the more difficult by standard tape measures that have graphics on only one side — the wrong side for viewing overhead.

The Ideal Auto-Lock is different. Its one-inch wide blade has bold black numbers on both sides to eliminate the need to twist the tape by hand to read a measurement.

In addition, the 25-foot tape features the Ideal Auto-Lock system that automatically locks its blade into place when it's pulled out. This feature eliminates annoying snap-backs or the need to manually lock the blade with a push-button mechanism. Once finished, the user simply pushes the retrieval button to safely unlock and return the blade.

The Auto-Lock's high-visibility yellow casing is safeguarded from damaging knocks and falls by a thick, non-slip rubber boot. The boot also acts as a shock absorber for the blade tip when it is retrieved, prolonging its useful service life.

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