Victaulic's direct groove two-piece couplings are designed for large-diameter piping systems

Victaulic has extended its line of Advanced Groove System (AGS) couplings for faster and easier installation of large-diameter piping systems. The line extension means Victaulic now offers rigid and flexible couplings with the AGS technology for pipe sizes up to 60 inches (1,525 millimeters) in diameter for industrial process, utility, water and wastewater applications.

A typical large-diameter joint that requires several hours to weld can be installed easily in less than an hour using Victaulic AGS couplings. With a two-piece housing and a wedge-shaped groove that delivers pressure ratings up to 350 psi (2,400 kPa) depending on the pipe size and wall thickness, Victaulic AGS couplings offer improved assembly speed and reliability.

To further simplify installation, the larger size AGS coupling housings feature lifting lugs for added convenience when lifting individual housings. AGS couplings also provide a union at every joint for easy access to the piping system for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and system retrofits. In addition, the coupling also provides visual confirmation of proper assembly — assembly is complete when housings are metal-to-metal and torque requirements have been met — an added benefit that helps to ensure proper assembly.

Available in diameters of 14 to 60 inches (350 to 1,525 millimeters), Style W07 and W77 AGS couplings are equipped with plated bolts and nuts, and a Victaulic FlushSeal gasket in Grade “E” EPDM, Grade “T” nitrile or Grade “L” silicone.

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