Turck's RFID-S slices provide eight channels of RFID per node for BL67 distributed I/O systems

Turck's BL67 modular distributed I/O system is now equipped with a Simple RFID (RFID-S) slice that is compatible with the company’s BL ident RFID product line. The RFID-S includes two channels of RFID per slice, and up to four slices may be added to each BL67 node — resulting in up to eight channels of RFID per node. Turck’s BL67 system is IP67 rated, so it may be mounted directly on a machine without requiring an enclosure for increased application flexibility. The system also accommodates the addition of discrete and analog I/O points, combining RFID and I/O within the same node.

The RFID-S slice features digitized communication that allows the RFID transceiver to be located up to 50 meters apart from the slice without experiencing noise induction. Because the RFID channels all operate in parallel, communications between the RFID tag and the read/write head experience no time delay, delivering the most accurate, up-to-date application information.

The BL67 RFID-S slice is designed for use with Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, EtherNet/IP and CANopen networks. The base module utilizes Turck M12 connectors to facilitate efficient cable installation.

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