Sterling Instrument's right-angle EG planetary gearheads are offered in four standard NEMA sizes

A series of right-angle EG planetary gearheads from Sterling Instrument is offered in four standard NEMA sizes: 17, 23, 34 and 42. These gearheads, identified as the S91 SREG Series, feature the planetary system, high torsional stiffness, case-hardened spiral bevel gears and are sealed to extend service life. They offer both single- and double-stage design, and include a precision balanced clamp-on pinion. Woodruff keys #404 and motor mounting hardware kits are supplied.

Each of the four NEMA sizes is offered in 13 gear ratios ranging from 3:1 to 100:1. Their maximum input speed is 5000 rpm. Their radial and axial shaft loading is 400 pounds. Their single-stage and double-stage minimum efficiency is 85% and 80% respectively. Operating temperatures range from -40°F to +225°F. The housings are made of steel, gold zinc plated. The right-angle housing and mounting flanges are made of aluminum, black anodized.

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