Ideal Industries' Twist-a-Nut conduit deburring tool safely removes rough, unfinished edges from electrical conduit

Cutting thin-wall electrical conduit with a hacksaw leaves sharp, unfinished edges that can result in poor couplings, damaged wires and even injuries to the electrician. The Twist-a-Nut conduit deburring tool from Ideal safely deburrs 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch thin-wall conduit tubing by reaming and smoothing both the inside and outside edges.

The Twist-a-Nut deburring tool delivers reliability and ease of use. The head of the tool can be rotated manually with its supplied cushioned grip, or it can be removed and installed in any standard drill or cordless screwdriver for added torque. There is a universal Wire-Nut wrench molded into the grip to tighten and loosen twist-on wire connectors. The tool also features a hooded tip to tighten EMT fitting set screws without slipping.

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