Realization Technologies' Concerto 5.6 enterprise software system offers performance and process metrics

Realization Technologies has announced the availability of Concerto 5.6, the latest version of its Project Execution Management software. Concerto keeps priorities synchronized across projects and departments. It allocates resources and focuses them on the right tasks at the right time. As a result, resources are more productive and projects get done faster.

The “Results and Rules” module provides project performance metrics that focuses executives and managers on the right drivers for superior execution. Rather than using local measurements that promote one project at the expense of other projects, executives can now rely on global measurements such as Throughput, Cycle Time and Due Date Performance, enabling them to hold managers accountable to overall results and make high leverage decisions quickly.

In addition to performance metrics, the module provides process-compliance metrics that ensure sustainability of results. Rather than using local measurements such as task-level schedule compliance, these metrics help executives monitor compliance with Realization’s execution synchronization methodology, such as adherence to the limits set on the number of projects in execution, number of tasks open for a supervisor at any given time and how well task priorities are being followed.

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