Argonide's NanoCeram-LR pleated filter cartridges feature a non-woven filter media matrix infused with nanoalumina fibers

Argonide Corporation has introduced the NanoCeram-LR (NCLR) high-performance pleated filter cartridge, which is specifically engineered and designed to replace lenticular filters. The pleated filter cartridge has a lower shipping weight per cartridge to help reduce shipping costs. Each NanoCeram-LR filter cartridge contains Argonide’s non-woven filter media matrix infused with nanoalumina fibers, creating an electropositively charged depth filter.

NanoCeram is capable of removing small particles (including colloidal iron and TOC’s), bacteria and viruses from water at high flow rates using the principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption.

The NanoCeram-LR pleated filter cartridges are designed as drop-in replacements for lenticular filter cartridges. They will fit into most commercially available lenticular housings, and results have shown a greater dirt-holding capacity, higher efficiency and wider operating pH range versus other charged lenticular filters. Initial bacteria and virus retention greater than 7 LRV and 6 LRV (respectively) are projected for the NanoCeram-LR cartridges.

NanoCeram technology yields SDI (Silt Density Index) values averaging < 0.5 and turbidity levels < 0.01 NTU when incorporated in a pleated cartridge.

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