Hobart Brothers' Fabshield XLNT-6 self-shielded flux-cored wire offers high impact strength at low temperatures

Hobart Brothers introduces the Fabshield XLNT-6 self-shielded flux-cored wire for flat and horizontal welding applications. Designed for use on structural steel weldments and bridge construction, the XLNT-6 wire (AWS classification E70T-6) also offers high deposition rates and arc stability.

The XLNT-6 wire offers improved impact strength at low temperatures (25 ft/lbs at -20°F) to help resist cracking in applications subject to severe weather. The wire also features a fast-freezing, easy-to-remove slag to prevent slag entrapment that could result in costly and time-consuming rework.

The XLNT-6 wire has a tensile strength of 87,200 psi, with a yield strength of 66, 250 psi, and it requires no shielding gas, making it highly portable for outdoor welding. Hobart Brothers offers XLNT-6 wire in two diameters, 3/32 inch and 5/64 inch, in 25-pound vacuum-sealed packages or 50-pound coils. Both wires conform to AWS A5.20 requirements and can be used for single- or multi-pass welding. The 3/32-inch diameter meets the D designator also, making it usable for strict AWS D1.8 Demand Critical welds.

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