AAC's Neo-Flex couplings offer improved torsional vibration isolation and shaft-to-shaft insulation

A series of metric Neo-Flex couplings from Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) offers improved torsional vibration isolation plus shaft-to-shaft insulation. The center of these couplings, identified as the V50FSR- (inch) and V50FSRM (metric) for the short series, and V5DFLR- (inch) and V5DFLRM (metric) for the long series, are made from 73 durometer molded neoprene along with 303 stainless steel hubs.

They are stocked in two hub styles; conventional pin-type hubs, which use a set screw for fastening, and a Fairloc version. The choice of Fairloc hubs permits frequent phase adjustment, timing and position adjustment, while adding positive metal-to-metal fastening strength along both hub sections. The Fairloc integral hub fastener consists of two slots that are machined into the hub, one radially the other angularly, to create a transverse wedge that remains attached to the solid portion of the hub on one side. The resultant cantilevered clamping section has a tapped hole to accept a cap screw, which passes through a clearance hole in the solid portion of the hub and into a threaded hole in the transverse wedge section. As the screw is tightened, the cantilevered section clamps the shaft securely. The screw can be tightened and released repeatedly without marring the shaft or affecting its torque-transmitting abilities.

They are stocked with both ribbed- and smooth-style center sections. The ribbed style features an angular misalignment of 5° (short style) or 15° (long style) and a parallel offset of 0.25 millimeters (.010 inches)(short style) or 0.38 millimeters (.015 inches)(long style). The smooth style features an angular misalignment of 1° (short style) or 8° (long style) and a parallel offset of 0.13 millimeters (.005 inches)(short style) or 0.25 millimeters (.010 inches)(long style). They are designed to fit three- to six-millimeter metric shafts or .1200-, 1/8-, 3/16- and 1/4-inch shafts.

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