Endevco's Isotron triaxial accelerometers offer reliable performance up to 175°C

Endevco Corporation introduces Isotron (IEPE-type) triaxial accelerometers, models 65HT and model 67, both operating to +175°C (+347°F), for reliable performance with simplified testing and instrumentation requirements.

The Endevco model 65HT Isotron high-temperature triaxial accelerometer is offered in ranges of ±10,000 g (0.5 mV/g) and ±500 g (10 mV/g) in a low-noise, low-impedance, 10-millimeter welded titanium cube design, weighing five grams, and offering milli-g resolution. The sensors are shockproof and overload protected. Interface to model 65HT is via a single, miniature four-pin connector with a flexible cable. Model 65HT’s frequency response, both amplitude and phase, provide the user with a triaxial accelerometer suited for structural and component testing, drop tests and general laboratory vibration work. The reduced size and high-temperature performance of this accelerometer enables a test technician to simultaneously measure acceleration across three orthogonal axes of vibration on lightweight structures without the need for charge amplification.

The Endevco model 67 Isotron high-temperature triaxial accelerometer is offered in ranges of ±500 g (10 mV/g) and ±50 g (100 mV/g) in a 14-millimeter welded titanium cube. The hermetically sealed package weighs less than 14 grams. The model 67 accelerometer offers high output sensitivity, low noise and low base strain sensitivity, with improved output stability over time. Like model 65HT, Endevco model 67 is both shock proof and overload protected, offering milli-g resolution. It offers a single connector with flexible cable. Both model 65HT and model 67 include mating cables, which terminate into three BNC connectors and appropriate mounting stud.

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