KNF's diaphragm pumps are equipped with brushless DC motors to offer OEM control solutions

KNF diaphragm pumps equipped with brushless DC (BLDC) motors offer OEM control solutions for handling air, gases or liquids. Their integrated controls deliver precise pump performance in direct response to system requirements. The BLDC motors in KNF pumps are designed and manufactured to handle the high stresses associated with the reciprocating forces of a positive displacement pump and are consistent with the highest standards of engineering, reliability and quality.

Compared with conventional DC models, pumps with BLDC motors exhibit low current draw, extended lifetime and reduced EMI/RFI, while decreasing pump size, weight and heat generation. Combining integrated on/off and speed logic signals with feedback and current-limit controls enables users to realize performance and precision that can instantly be varied for OEM system demands.

KNF pumps incorporate a structured diaphragm that promotes high efficiency and flow, allowing the pumped medium to remain pure and contaminant free. Depending on model, end vacuums up to 29.86 in. Hg (< 0.5 mbar) are achieved using only two stages to yield reduced cost, size, weight and power requirements.

These BLDC pumps provide safe, oil-free operation without maintenance and can be developed to accommodate the range of OEM applications. Custom materials, windings, finishes, coatings and value-added options can be specified to meet particular demands.

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