myDials' Developer Kit allows users to implement, manage and maintain SaaS-based performance management solutions

myDials announces the availability of the myDials Developer Kit, which enables users to implement, manage and maintain myDials’ Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. myDials’ performance management platform helps users improve business results by monitoring performance in real time to identify and characterize problems, make decisions, and take action to fix issues quickly. With the Developer Kit, organizations with varying levels of IT expertise and resources can save time and be more self-sufficient by independently deploying, managing and customizing configuration and dashboard settings.

The code-free myDials Developer Kit walks users, step-by-step, through the implementation process of connecting data sources, configuring dashboards, enabling analytic functions, and adding groups and users. All authorized users can easily customize dashboards with different layouts, dials, visualizations and displayed metrics, as well as add users and user groups. In addition, by using the Developer Kit, an IT or power user can quickly add brand personalization, input data from multiple sources — from spreadsheets and databases to more sophisticated data sources like ERP and CRM— and intuitively configure metrics, calculations, dimensions, targets, alert conditions, calendar and units. For further guidance, the Developer Kit features online help, tool tips and call-out boxes.

A complement to any existing business intelligence (BI) initiative or a standalone operational performance management solution, myDials combines operations and business data from any existing data source, including ERP, CRM, supply chain management, manufacturing execution systems (MES), databases, spreadsheets, flat files, or through simple data entry when data volume and complexity is low.

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