ITT Goulds' Model 3393 multistage pump with on-board condition monitoring reduces energy and maintenance costs

The ITT Goulds Model 3393 high-pressure ring section pump is capable of delivering up to 3,100 gallons per minute (700 m3/hr), with heads to 3300 feet (1000 m) and pressures to 1500 PSI (100 Bar). The Model 3393 comes standard with i-Alert, an on-board monitoring device that constantly measures vibration and temperature, which provides a visual warning of potential operational issues.

Benefits of the Model 3393 include:   

  • Decreased power consumption and low total cost of ownership with high-efficiency hydraulic design. Standard casing rings provide an easily replaceable wear surface to restore original efficiencies. Impellers can be machined for impeller rings to extend the useful operating life of the pump.
  • Simplified maintenance and inspection because the involute balance drum is accessible and removable from the discharge side of the pump. To further aid disassembly, puller holes are provided in the major components.
  • Easy assembly and reduced inventory requirements because the integrated diffuser and stage-piece is cast as a single component, rather than as two separate pieces.
  • Flexibility in plant layout resulting from multiple suction and discharge nozzle orientations. Stuffing box designs support a wide range of mechanical seals and piping plans.
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