ABB's Control System Server Backup Service enables rapid restoration of system servers and clients

ABB announces the release of its Control System Server Backup Service. The service provides a domain-integrated server imaging solution that enables rapid restoration of critical control system servers and clients following a disaster or computer failure.

The service ensures that reliable control system server backups are readily available after a disaster to restore system operation with an exact disk image of the ABB software application and operating system. The provided bootable CD enables immediate restoration of critical servers and clients. This also allows for complete system restoration to original server/client hardware, different system hardware or newer models of hardware quickly and easily, usually in less than an hour.

Backups include operating systems, databases, and applications for every server and workstation included in the control system. The service is available for all ABB process control systems, quality control systems and third-party Microsoft Windows-based systems. It includes a site survey, recommendations for backup procedures and implementation strategies, as well as planning, custom workstation configuration, scheduling, delivery and restoration training.

The service meets 2009 North America Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance requirements to maintain and test regularly scheduled server backups.

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