Kollmorgen's Pick-n-Go system offers higher picking productivity and reduced operating expenses

Kollmorgen introduces Pick-n-Go, a flexible order picking system that streamlines any order fulfillment process for higher picking productivity and reduced operating expenses. The Pick-n-Go system integrates with existing warehouse management systems and established processes.

In distribution centers, picking is the biggest cost driver due to labor dependency. With Pick-n-Go, the picker simply follows the forklift, eliminating all non-productive activities such as jumping on and off forklifts, and fetching empty pallets. 

Not only will this result in higher picking productivity, but it can also reduce picking mistakes and potential damage to goods, pallets and racks, and lessen the risk of work-related injuries. Because driving speeds are controlled, forklifts equipped with Pick-n-Go also use less energy and last longer, and eliminate the threat of potential collisions with pickers or other forklifts.

The warehouse management system (WMS) sends the order to the picker and the forklift simultaneously. The picker receives information about the order via a headset (Pick-by-Voice), and a forklift is automatically placed in the right position with forks at the right height. The picker then efficiently and ergonomically places the items onto the pallet. A new order line is sent from the WMS, and the forklift automatically travels to the next position, followed by the picker. When the pallet nears capacity, the system automatically sends a new forklift with an empty pallet to the picker. When the forklift with the full pallet goes to the dispatch area, the picker never has to leave the picking area and continues to work on the next order without interruption.

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