SenSound and Revware launch SenCAH for resolving noise and sound problems in range of products and industries

SenSound LLC and its digitizer manufacturing partner, Revware Inc., have announced the launch of SenCAH, a product that combines SenSound's compact acoustical holography technology with Revware's MicroScribe six-degrees of freedom 6G22LX 3D digitizer. The product will offer noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) test engineers, technicians and noise consultants the portability and functionality of an intensity probe plus 3-D acoustic holography capabilities required to resolve complex noise and sound engineering problems.

Addressing machinery noise is an important health, safety and product-quality issue. Using SenSound technology, manufacturers of products and components in a variety of industries, from wind turbines to consumer products, will be able to identify and abate undesirable sound and vibrations in a faster, more cost-effective manner than currently available technology.

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