Thomson's RW64-V RoundWay linear roller bearing functions in extreme load, speed, temperature and contamination conditions

Thomson introduces the RW64-V RoundWay linear roller bearing. The RW64-V offers a load capacity of 70,000 lbf (310,800 N) — more than 20 times the load capacity of a conventional linear ball bearing — even at extreme operating temperatures (up to 500°F; 260°C) and speeds (up to 100 ft/s; 31 m/s). 

Thomson RoundWay linear roller bearings operate on Thomson 60 Case LinearRace shafting and are available in sizes ranging from ½ inch to four inches. They feature concave rollers to reliably handle high loads with a 10 million-inch L10-rated travel life. The chain-link design also enables use in contaminated applications.

All steel and iron construction offers increased rigidity and durability in extreme environments. A lateral self-alignment feature means that RoundWay bearings may be out of parallel by as much as 0.1875 inch.

Thomson RoundWay linear roller bearings also feature an eccentric trunion pin that enables pitch self alignment for reliable operation in inaccurate mounting surfaces, and ± 0.030-inch height adjustment that can be used to set preload in “locked-in” arrangements. A recirculating ground roller assembly has the ability to span across gaps in a shaft for quicker and more efficient pallet changing in assembly and packaging systems. The recirculating ground roller assembly also provides a dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.005 and a height tolerance of ±0.003 inch.

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